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Last update: 2009-11-22      Version 5.00 with new time calculator engine . . .


CuMap-EXPRESS enables you to in a fast and efficient way to set up a cup or tournament on your pc and on the web/internet, hence the name EXPRESS.

CuMap-EXPRESS uses standard’s functionality but with a few limitations.
This makes the price for CuMap-EXPRESS very good value for money.

Prices, and differences in prices , between the 'normal' CuMap and EXPRESS can be found .   here.

CuMaP-PC and WebCuMap are developed by people who are active within Sweden’s sports movement and contain powerful, yet simple, functions for the import/transfer of matches from sports clubs and associations and for the planning of training schedules, matches and also for the setting up of your own cup/tournament.

The complete function description can be found under the product info menu.


User friendly

Sports clubs and associations are our ambassadors and we are always willing to listen, and are receptive, to changes, and to our customer’s needs and wishes. Version 4.5 of CuMap is based on around a year’s opinions and wishes from our customers. We often hear how unbelievably simple, logical and user- friendly the programme is from our customers. It is in fact this co-operation that has made the product as good as it is today.


Powerful functions for your own cup

CuMaP-PC is scalable and is suitable for both smaller as well as larger international competitions. The cup section takes care of the draw, the placement of competing teams in groups, the complete fixture list all the way through to the final, and the registering of teams for the cup. It is also possible, during the duration of the cup, to register goal scorers, fair play statistics and also to have automatic updates of group tables calculated and printed out.

The cup you have created can then be exported/ transferred to WebCuMaP. This is an independent web- programme where visitors can see the latest match results etc.


It is very easy to export/transfer the draw, group rounds, final rounds classes etc to WebCuMap from CuMap-PC and takes less than one minute to create the start up page on the web/internet.


Application forms

It is also very simple to create an application form for just your cup on the web/internet. Examples of design: Introduction text, which classes or groups that are available, confirmation text after a sent E-mail and also possibility to customize your own registration fields and conditions.

As well as the fact that the cup manager receives a confirmation via E-mail, it is also possible to easily import/transfer applications directly to CuMaP-PC.


Create an exclusive design for your cup

Background colours, menus and headlines can be chosen to match your clubs own colours . Also the menu’s text and contents can be changed to a content and links of your choice.

To keep your sponsors happy it is also possible to include their banners and logos in the design. These can be made to change after a period of time of your choice. When the cup is over it is possible to produce statistics over how many visitors the cup has had. These can be valuable for you in your discussions with your sponsors before your next cup.


On-line results

Results that are registered in CuMaP-PC PC can quickly and easily be exported/transferred to WebCuMaP.

Visitors to the web can, in a matter of seconds, find out the latest results from the group matches. Visitors can navigate between a particular arena, pitch or date and then from there go directly in to the group section of the cup. It is also possible, in the final rounds, to find out if the match was decided in extra- time or on penalties.


Match and club/association statistics

Match and club/association statistics are automatically updated instantly after each game. Why not have a special prize for the best club/association in your tournament? The battle for the victory can easily be followed match for match on- line.


Goal scorers and fair- play statistics

During the duration of the cup it is also possible to export/transfer goal scorers and fair-play statistics. (if this function is activated)


Instant result updates via PC

Instant result updates can be provided for your visitors via strategically placed PC’s. This saves the organizers lots of time who otherwise must print out and hang up results on notice boards all the time. It also gives a quicker and better result service to your visitors.

Colour choice, size, and placement of information on the screen is also easily done. You can, if you have two Pc’s, set up one for a boys under 11 competition and the other for a boys under 12 competition for example. The order, and time intervals for the showing of the groups and final rounds can also be adjusted.

An optional number of your sponsors logos etc can also be set up to appear on screen at intervals, and in an order, of your choice.


Via mobile phone

It is also possible to log in via your mobile phone (viamobil) from the touchline and register a result via a special web- address directly after the final whistle has been blown.


The result is instantly registered and updated on the result page on the web. The secretary’s computer will also be updated with all registered matches. Instant result lists via the 'web- reader' can also be included as an option. (not to be confused with instant result lists on PC CuMap RES above)




Export/transfer to your clubs/associations web- page

It is also very simple to export/transfer all of your club’s/association’s activities - matches, training times, and allocated referees to your own web-page. This contributes to a more 'living' web- page where your coaches and youth referees can search for information and thus cut the work load for your office staff.






















Football Festival Denmark - teams from 22 countries.

After Gothia Cup, many teams choose to play in Football Festival Denmark. An international tournament with  e.g. Gothia Cup-vinnarna Kampala Kids från Uganda.

More than 25.000 visitors passed by during this tournament.


Invasion from Denmark - Denmarks biggest handball tournament buys CuMap!

Within only 4 days, 3 danish handball clubs decided to buy CuMap - BjerringBro FH, HK Egene Gråsten and Fredrikshavn FI (FFI).

FFI arranges also Danmarks biggest handball tournament - Rødspätte cup with 300 teams and almost 900 matches.


Carlsberg Cup -VORES CUP.

An enormous event in Denmark with beer, sausages, fun and almost 1.700 participants. See the pictures and the report from a prestigeless happening that only works in Denmark.

Click here for more information


Read reviews from our customers.


IF Hallby HK Jan-2008


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Cups on the web

You will find below a selection of clubs/associations that have cups or events on the net.

fb=football, hb=handball, ev=event.

See all tournaments in our database
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